PoHuLocal-Practically Perfect Clearing Clutter Service

PoHuLocal Practically Perfect

Create an atmosphere where you can create and live without stress, no mess, in ease and harmony.
 Be inspired by the place you live.
Let PoHuLocal assist you in clearing the clutter from your home so everything has a place and you are free from unneeded unwanted items. I have spent the last 5 years of my life organizing for the largest home improvement store in North America. I can help you!

You will receive a Personalized Plan of Action Map for 7 areas in your home.

A Step by Step Action Plan

Declutter so you can create Miracles!

“create the space for miracles”

The Benefits of a Clutter Free Life.  There are so many benefits of a clutter free life, I could make the list endless.

  • Less Stress
  • Spend Less Time Cleaning
  • Spend Less Time Getting Ready For Work/or Play
  • More Space
  • Better Focus
  • More Energy
  • More Pleasing Visually
  • A Clearer Calmer Mind

I want you to think of your dream life. How do you see yourself living?  What kind of clothes do you wear?  How are they hung in your closet?  What does your office look like?  What kind of kitchen does your dream life contain?

Working with me will be different because it is about more than just cleaning, it is visualizing and feeling your way into becoming the best you. I will guide through inspired action. Plus I have 5 years of professional experience!

The PPCC program helps you by giving you a Focussed Step by Step Plan of Inspired Action that guides you every step of the way.  All you need to do is decide:


Working the PPCC Service is more than cleaning and organizing.  It is uplifting your life to the next level.  Growing and committing to become your future self.  Commit to a time everyday to spend 15 to 20 minutes visualizing your future self.  

There is a package for any and all budgets.  From Do It Yourself to a VIP Package where everything is done for you.

 Are you busy?  
Do you have areas in your house you do not have the time to clear out and re-organize?
 I have a passion for this and I have been organizing professionally for the past 5 years.

PoHuLocal's Goal is to gain customers for life....becoming a community that grows and stays together for a life long relationship.


I want to use my professional experience to support people!



What Ya Get
Bit of Both

At this time I am not trained to work with the chronically disorganized. If you are chronically disorganized, email me at info@PoHuLocal.com and I will refer you to an organizer trained in the chronically disorganized. If you are not sure click here for more information about the chronically disorganized.