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For the past 5 years I have been working  as a professional De-clutterer/Organizer for THE largest Home Improvement Store in the United States. I am now going to use my experience to help everyone De-clutter and Organize their lives.





 Before there were boring, unbranded, cheap Port Hueneme Merchandise. solves the ugly T-shirt problem. 

Creating was like making a warm bowl of oatmeal. I take Port Hueneme and add some clean water and cinnamon and warm it up and make it our own. So when someone puts on a PoHuLocal Hoodie or T-shirt or drink from a mug they feel warm and cozy inside. We can all feel good because these items do not harm the environment or the people who make them and some purchases even raise money for great causes!  Port Hueneme is the friendly City by the Sea and now you can share the news with everyone you see.

I love living in Port Hueneme and I think my site offers everyone something warm and cozy to wear while they are here or to take home with them to remember the happy memories of being here. I guess growing up when my family went on trips the kids were allowed to purchase a keepsake from various stops along the my memories of keepsake buying reminds me of childhood trips and the love of my family....maybe PoHuLocal is my way of keeping my family trips going and going and going.

Who are you? You are asking. Well my name is Mary Mooney and I live here in Port Hueneme. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and yes I am TOTALLY a "Valley Girl." Like, TOTALLY. I came to Port Hueneme about three years ago to get out of the summer heat in the Valley. 112 degrees in August and September is just way too hot for this delicate flower! As if...? Totally Fer shur!

I love Port Hueneme and I am proud to live here, I wear my own T-shirts every where I go because I like saying I live here. I am pretty much obsessed with my new baby website and I spend all my free time trying to tweak it here and there to make it more interesting or to add something I think everyone will love. I want to draw attention to Port Hueneme to bring businesses and tourists and revenue to help the city I love so it can recover and reach it's full potential.  I want Port Hueneme to be a City people plan to visit!  A City equal to Santa Barbara and Ventura! Port Hueneme Residents--every purchase you make---Port Hueneme Municipal Tax 0.5%--yes that is correct .5% of your purchase goes to the City Of Port Hueneme!

 I have two causes that I donate some of the profits from the sales of certain items to.  They are the Dementia Society of America and The Ventura Surfrider Hold On To Your Butts Cigarette Butt Clean Up Project. Please join me in raising money for these great causes!

I want to hear from EVERYONE who visits my site. Do you like it? ? Do you hate it? What would you like to see on it? You can find me here on my site email me at and you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and I am even on Pinterest!

Here's What Our Customers Say!

Machii Michelle L.

Loving my POHU tote!!



Oh the shirt is perfect- I love the scoop neck and it's so soft. The print is very high quality!

Adam D.

Just got me a sweet new PohuLocal t shirt!! It's sooooo soft and comfy!!! Gonna wear it everywhere! 


Marcia B.

Love my Pohulocal tshirt. The softest shirt I have ever owned and made in the USA! 


Alicia K.

my story


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