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March 12, 2017



Recently on a neighborhood website someone posted a question asking everyone what they disliked about the neighborhood they lived in.  The thread was filled with comments with one thing in common. Most of the time the thing that irritates each of us the most is that we do not consider the feelings of our neighbors before we block his driveway with our car.  Or it never occurs to us that our neighbors do not have the same taste in music that we do. We get so busy in our own thoughts and our own lives that we forget to bring in our trash cans after trash day has passed by and all our neighbors have to navigate around them on the street.

We all need to practice empathy for other people.  Obey the Golden Rule, treat others the way you would want them to treat you.

We all need to make a note of how we would feel if someone did what we are in the process of doing....and then when you realize it would make you unhappy...then do not do the action. Put yourself in the other person's shoes.

We all need to mind our manners as our Mothers used to say to ALL of us.  We all need to clean up OUR OWN MESSES. There are not little maid fairies following you and cleaning up after you. Don't let your dog pooh in your neighbors yard without cleaning it up.  Don't dump your trash around the city.

Avoid cursing or being overly vulgar
If you burp, excuse yourself
Put a napkin on your lap when you eat and avoid getting food all over yourself
Don't loudly slurp your drink
Make room for people on the sidewalk
Avoid gross or inappropriate topics in front of the wrong audience

Try to do nice things for people.

Try to keep your music at a level only you can hear and not the whole neighborhood.  Remember not EVERYONE likes the music you do.

Hold doors open for people
Pull out chairs for people
Make room for people who sit next to you
Let older people take your seat if you're on a bus or a train
Pick up coffee for a fellow coworker if you're going on a coffee run
Help your parents out by doing extra chores when they are clearly overwhelmed
Run an errand for a significant other or roommate



These days it is really popular to be honest....tell it how it is.  Can we be honest while being tactful at the same time?  I mean sometimes people need to hear news they do not like but can we be tactful when presenting it to them?  Honesty without tact rarely helps anyone. Choose your words carefully.  Again treat them the way you want to be treated.

I have recently created a Free Resource Library inside it you will find a Random Act of Kindness Card that you can use to alert someone to your Random Act of Kindness and ask them to pay it forward.  The price is only your email address...if you are interested CLICK HERE