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July 03, 2017

Can you add more time to your day?

Can you add more time to your day?

It is my own personal belief that being more organized can add more time to your day. What has helped me to become more organized and also more focused on achieving my goals is to have a ToDoList filled out each night as I go to bed with the things I need to get done the next day.  Along with my Daily To Do Sheet I use a 13 week Goal Calendar made by It helps me keep track of where I am with all my goals.

Do you watch TV?  Can you add more time to your day by NOT watching TV? I recently quit watching most of the TV I had been watching.  I have noticed though that I have replaced it with spending way more time on my computer.  I wonder if I have really accomplished anything by switching from TV to the computer?

I am told that the thing you hate to do the most is the thing you should put on your list to do first so YOU CAN GET IT DONE AND OVER WITH! Also Multi-tasking has become unfashionable lately. We humans just do not pay attention if we are doing too many things at one time. It is better to focus and get things done well and not have to do them over because you were really unfocused or distracted.

What we "DO" everyday is eventually what we become. I love the following quote:

"The only difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do"

Every night as you are planing you next day and making the next days list of ToDo's review what you did right and change what you did not like.

In an effort to help you become more organized and also achieve your goals I have created a FREE DAILY TO DO SHEET for you to download.  I hope it helps you!