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September 12, 2017




Are there Haunted Places In Port Hueneme?

Bard Mansion - Berylwood

California senator Thomas R. Bard’s home, built in 1912, is also known as Berylwood. The house is said to be haunted by the senator’s wife, whose apparition has been seen in photographic images. Senator Bard, his servants and some soldiers are believed to haunt the house as well. Witnesses describe strange whispering sounds around the mansion.

Heritage Square Museum

There have been reports of a phantom in the church portion and spirit nicknamed Uncle Eddy in the Justin Petit House. EVPs are also picked up here.

Oxnard Walmart

At this Wal-Mart's toy department, the ghost of a 7- to 9-year-old Mexican-American girl in a blue dress with braids is said to bounce balls, giggle, and smile at employees. Rumor has it that the little girl was murdered in the field where the Wal-Mart was later built.

Olivas Adobe

A ghost known as the Black Lady haunts this site. She has been seen in the living room as well as on the balcony.


Camarillo State Mental Hospital was built in 1936 and housed thousands of patients. Rumor has it that shock treatment and other inhumane practices were used here. As the years passed, compassion and scientific advences made treatments more humane. The hospital was in operaion until 1997. The building is said to be haunted. Witnesses here describe all manner of eerie stories, and weird occurrences dealing with apparitions, moving objects, voices, headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue. Filmmakers who have used the site for sets have noticed cold spots, missing objects, windows slamming and strange knocking. Now the building is used by the California State University-Channel Islands, and students say it is still haunted.

Two more interesting points to note: Jazz musician Charlie Parker stayed here for seven months in 1947 after suffering a nervous breakdown, then wrote his hit “Relaxing at Camarillo.” And the hospital is rumored to be the Eagles’ inspiration for classic rock’s “Hotel California.”

Dudley House

This 1892 Victorian-style manor house is supposed to be haunted by an ancestor of the original family. Visitors have reported a blue light that appeared in the kitchen, and a clock that hasn’t worked for decades will occasionally ring out the hour, even when the time is completely wrong.

Old Ventura Pier

The old pier is supposed to be haunted by a man who was swept into the ocean and drowned during a squall. His ghost can be seen on the pier during stormy weather, signalling for them to leave before vanishing.


Victorian Rose Bed and BreakfastThis former church makes for a unique Bed and Breakfast. The Fleur-de-Lis room is allegedly haunted by a ghost who enjoys giving foot massages and the Emperor’s room is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who fell or jumped to her death from the bell tower.

Ventura Majestic Theater

This 1920’s theatre was formerly a speakeasy, and is rumoured to have some hauntings dating back to those days. The most common apparition is a gangster who was shot dead during a fight on the premises, and has been seen by theatre patrons and staff alike. The second apparition dating back to that era is a dapper man in a pinstriped suit, who has been smoking outside the male restroom. When staff go to remind him that there is no smoking allowed, he blows a puff of smoke and vanishes, leaving the staff bewildered and confused. The third and final haunting of the building is a graduating teenage girl who fell from the stage area and broke her neck. Nowadays, visitors have reported seeing a headless woman in a white dress dancing alone on the stage after productions.

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Bella Maggiore Inn

Allegedly by the ghost of a prostitute who hanged herself in the 40’s, the presence that haunts this Inn is called Sylvia. If you are looking for a haunted room, #17 is the one to try, reportedly the one in which she did the deed. She manifests as both a mist and a strong smell of roses.

Earle Stanley Gardner Building

The notorious writer is the namesake of this historic building, as he worked here for many years at a law firm. Coincidentally, he also penned his first novel in the famous detective series on the premises. Nowadays, employees of various companies working in the building have reportedly heard screams and whispering noises coming from his former office. The office appears to be a hotspot for paranormal activity, as workers will often come in the morning to find that the furniture has been rearranged.

Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital

It is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Doctor Cephas Bard, the doctor who originally opened the hospital and who, when he died at the hospital, was cremated and his ashes placed inside a wall there. Although the building now houses offices, people claim to see the genial doctor walking the halls still.

Santa Clara House - Carlo Hahn House

Locals have several names for it: Santa Clara House, Big Green House, Carlo Hahn House or the Candlelight Bar and Restaurant. Whatever you call it, it is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a former resident named Rosa. Rosa was an unhappy woman who was forced into marrying a man she didn’t love. She began an affair with an Italian man who left her when she became pregnant, then hanged herself from a ceiling beam. Her ghost has been seen looking out of the round second-story window, and unexplained noises have been heard in the upstairs women’s restroom. Also, some witnesses say they felt as if someone were pushing them down the stairs.

Ventura City Hall

A woman is said to haunt the third floor of this building. She is believed to have committed suicide by hanging herself in one of the jail cells.

Mission San Buenaventura

At Mission Santa Buena Ventura, folks say you can feel a presence nearing you from the side as you leave the sanctuary through a side door to the garden. The presence seems to embrace you lightly and leave you feeling comforted. Also, some witnesses have heard the sounds of ghostly chanting, cries and children’s voices.

Ortega Adobe

The Ortega Chili Company got its start here; some of those who helped to make the company what it is today may still be here. Voices speaking Spanish are heard, disembodied faces are seen through the window, and random cold sensations come out of nowhere.

Victorian House

This nineteenth century private residence may no longer be haunted, but during the late twentieth century, a pair of elderly sisters lived there. They owned a set of two antique dolls, which were propped up against the attic windows to look out into the street. During the night, the dolls would always move from the original position and be found in a different part of the room. The women would often try and catch the intruder, but never found any apparent reason as to why the dolls seemed to have a mind of their own.


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July 17, 2017

Robber Barons verus Conscious Entrepreneurs

Robber Barons verus Conscious Entrepreneurs

Andrew Carnegie was in his day the richest man in the world. Yet he was a man full of dichotomies. He honestly believed that rich people were more intelligent than poor people.  He wrote a whole book about how rich people were obligated to take care of the less intelligent poor people of the world.


Yet his steel company was the place of one of the most violent strikes in history.  One in which several people lost their life.  He was very tough on his employees.  They felt they had to fight so hard for their rights that they were willing to die.

When World War One began Andrew Carnegie went into what we would today diagnose as a Clinical Depression.  In the later part of his life he was focused only on ending wars and creating a peaceful planet.  Yet he benefitted from the largest government contract of the day.  He amassed a huge amount of wealth by building the Navy into a huge war machine.

Andrew Carnegie's steel mills dumped toxic waste into the air and dumped pollutants into the streams.



In other words he accumulated mass wealth on the back of his employees while destroying the beauty of the our planet. At the same time he donated millions of dollars to create a Palace of Peace and create beautiful libraries all over the world.

I have started a tiny tiny business nothing compared to Andrew Carnegie but I go to great lengths to research EVERYTHING I sell to make sure my footprint is benefitting all.  I go far out of my way to sell products produced in the United States like I have said many times not because I am pro American Labor Unions.  I do not want to encourage people to pay more for products that are inferior just because they are produced in the United States like the Auto Industry has done in the past.

I want people to buy products made in the United States because I do not want to contribute to the use of child labor to produce products cheaper to make larger profits.  I do not want to contribute to companies that pollute the environment by operating in places not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

I want my foot print to benefit everyone.  So my prices may be higher than some. My mission is to help change the world. I want to improve the economy of Port Hueneme while helping everyone in the chain of my production.  I am not willing to take advantage of anyone.

I have published the list below before but I think it deserves to be repeated.  It is a list of companies who produce their products in the United States.


Jeans & denim

Shoes & footwear

Beauty and personal care

Furniture, cookware and home

Handbags and accessories






I am really really proud to be selling bigger and better beach towels that are manufactured right here in the United States! Yes, they may be a little bit more pricey then the ones you can buy at Wall Mart.  The ones sold at Wall Mart are most likely made in China.  I really have nothing against China, I have never been there but I know that they take advantage of their Labor Pool people work long hours for low wages. I want to help the world move forward to a more enlightened way of producing.

1yearin business

I invite you to become part of my tribe!  Part of my community.  SUBSCRIBE SO YOU DO NOT MISS OUT ON ANY INFORMATION! I am planning a big celebration for being in business for 1 year! Join me on my mission to improve the economy of Port Hueneme!

June 13, 2017

Saturday at 6 Pm- Six Minutes of Success Vibes Focused on a Secret Soul Group

Saturday at 6 Pm- Six Minutes of Success Vibes Focused on a Secret Soul Group

 I would like to do an experiment.  Every Saturday at 6 pm in the month of July if anyone who wants to play, will sit quietly for 6 minutes and just be positive towards the City of Port Hueneme.  Envisioning white light  everywhere. Shall we see if we can help people accomplish anything? Set the alarm on your phone for Saturday at 6pm and for six minutes we can sit quietly meditating pouring good vibes everywhere.

If you would like to join the Secret Soul Group....just sign up can type out your goal or desire in the comments or just leave it secret. 

I have no idea if this will accomplish anything or not.  I like to experiment and just see what happens.  I am committed to this practice for every Saturday at 6 pm in July...Please join in! I have read that a small group of meditators have had measurable effects on whole cities full of people, lowered stress and crime rates.  Meditating in a group is said to be powerful.


Meditation White Light

If you are interested in Meditation and some research behind it the following book has been highly recommended:  (I am not an affiliate----just interested in this book)

Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation Paperback – August 30, 2012. by Norman E Rosenthal MD

June 05, 2017

Is The Port Of Hueneme a Good Neighbor?

Is The Port Of Hueneme a Good Neighbor?


April 18, 2017 – PORT OF HUENEME, CALIFORNIA – The Ventura County Board of Supervisors has recognized the Port of Hueneme for its environmental initiatives, presenting it with a County of Ventura 2017 Earth Day Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship. The award was presented by Supervisor Kelly Long to Oxnard Harbor District Commissioner Mary Anne Rooney and Port Director & CEO Kristin Decas.

In July of 2013, the International Maritime Organization agreed with the recommendations of the United States Coast Guard and the shipping lanes in California were adjusted voluntarily to avoid the path of migrating whales! It seems large ships have no interest in hitting traveling whales and were willing to adjust to avoid them.

With funding assistance from the Ventura County Air Pollution control District, the Port is installing electrical vehicle charging stations in publically accessible areas. Of significant note, the Port installed systems so that vessels can plug in at dock in lieu of running diesel auxiliary engines. Other advances include purchasing electricity at off peak hours, storing the electricity in large battery packs on Port and then using that stored electricity during peak hours, saving energy and money.  This probably also cuts down on the noise which has also been found to disturb marine life.

In 2015, ships operating in North America within the Emission Control Areas switched from Heavy Fuel Oil to Marine Gas Oil with a lower sulfur content. Starting in the year 2020 all ships even those outside of the Emission Control Areas will be using Marine Diesel Oil, which is a cleaner burning fuel.

All in all I think the Port is a really good neighbor, it cares about the footprint it is leaving and seems to be moving towards cleaner energy at every opportunity.

 I think the Port could contribute a tiny bit more with the sand issue?

Myself personally, I live right near one of the recently activated set of railroad tracks and I must be honest I am not happy about having trains running on that track. I have only seen two go by and it was one car moving at an extremely slow speed.  

The track area is also full of trash most of the time and the walls are a magnet it seems for graffiti. I still remember the meeting on YouTube with the citizens and the Port Officials and the Railroad Official, Clinton Ashmead.

The woman who promised landscaping and trash pick up, the one who gave an email address that is no longer active and phone number that is also no longer active.

All in all I have had great co operation with the railroad about trash pickup. Some landscaping would be lovely! Perhaps a mural? Or something to prevent the graffiti?

The City of Port Hueneme did take care of my graffiti issue. 

 I am really happy to report, that with the help the new City Manager Rod Butler and Don Villafana, P.E. Public Works Director and a bit of help from the railroad company. The wall is clear of graffiti  and has been mostly painted one solid color!



Maybe my next Blog Post should be "Is the Railroad a Good Neighbor?"


May 15, 2017



Now that we all know better we can all DO better.  Back in the day when dams were constructed we really did not realize how certain species would be harmed and/or killed.  The elimination of one species, causes an effect on another species and well, we seem to all be connected. When freight started to be shipped across oceans we did not realize we were interfering with the migratory patterns of whales. Now that we know we have moved shipping lanes so we have less ships running into whales.  The ships have slowed down a bit so if there is an accident it is not fatal. The shipping industry has until 2020 to decrease the amount of pollution caused by the fuels they use to power the ships.

Now we can easily stop using straws to drink thru to eliminate the huge amount of plastic that is making it's way into the ocean.  See now we know better we can DO better.

On May 20,2017, you are invited to participate in Hands Across The Sand right here in Port Hueneme. We need to draw a line in the sand to let our elected officials know that we need to protect our environment.

Here is what we are doing:

How to
Join Hands
on May 20, 2017

STEP 1: Go to an event location near you at 11 AM, in your time zone, for one hour, rain or shine.
STEP 2: Join hands for 15 minutes at 12:00 PM, in your time zone, forming lines in the sand, or on the land, against dirty fuels. Say yes to clean energy and renewables.
STEP 3: Leave only your footprints. In addition, consider getting involved in a local organization that supports clean energy.

To participate: Just come on down to the Port Hueneme Pier...May 20th we line up at 12pm and stay for 15 minutes 

To learn more about Hands Across The Sands click here

To view the fund raising T-shirt click here

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