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October 27, 2016

Holy Smokes! The Surf Punks Gave Me Permission To Use Their Song!

Ok, So there is a story behind this silly slide show/ video.  I made it a couple of weeks ago and while looking for music I ran across The Surf Punks, MY BEACH.  When I tried to post it on FaceBook it would not load because I need permission to use the song.  Well, I reached out to the The Surf Punks, Drew  Steele and guess What?  He said I could use the song!  How cool is that? I almost feel I should go out and make another, better movie because they let me use the song!  Maybe I will as soon as I get time.  He has a shop on Etsy that sells Surf Punk T-Shirts that are really cool!  I think I'm going to get one!

Also I realized while Googling around the Internet that here in Port Hueneme there was a problem with Sufer's Claiming their Turf so to speak.  The Song on my video is just meant as joke.  We Love ALL at Port Hueneme and we welcome EVERYONE! Turf Wars are a thing of the past! Come visit Port Hueneme! It has a history full of interesting stories and we are right next to Ormond Beach Nature Preserve, which also has an interesting story, one of a toxic waste dump which is taking a REALLY REALLY long time to totally clean up but eventually we will get there. Right now there are many species of birds and plants re-populating the area and re-invigorating the Dunes.