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May 10, 2017

Look at Us Now, Mother---A Mother's Day Movie

Look at Us Now, Mother---A Mother's Day Movie

I just finished watching this movie on Netflix.  I so enjoyed watching this Mother and Daughter relate to each other and go over their lives together. I think many of you out there will enjoy this movie also.

My own relationship with my Mother was no where near as difficult as the one pictured in this film but I think every Mother and Daughter have had moments at some point in their lives.  I do not have a daughter, only a son. My son and I have had our moments as well. What is your relationship like with your Mother?  You sons? And Daughters?

My family also has movies like the ones in this film, in most of them I am a baby, as I am the youngest child.  Recently I have been working on letting things go in my life and forgiving myself and well..... I have been doing forgiveness exercises with members of my family.

 I now take total and complete responsibility for everything that has happened and will happen in my life. So this Mother's Day I am giving myself the gift of forgiveness that Gayle talks about at the end of the film. It has come time for me to stop repeating the patterns of the past and create new things in my life. Do you guys have anything to forgive?  Feel free to put it in the comments!

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