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April 04, 2017

The Difficulties of Finding American Made Products#BornInTheUsa!

The Difficulties of Finding American Made Products#BornInTheUsa!

Like the song—which is quite obviously the tale of a broken system and of a government that sees its citizens as disposable cogs in a war machine, I am in no means in favor of American Made Products because I am a Republican. I am in favor of American Made Products because even though the American Government has been caught lying to the people, it is still the most trusted way I have of making sure the products I am selling are NOT hurting the environment or underage children.

I am more concerned about an ocean full of trash like in the video above, than I am a patriot. I want to make sure the businesses I am supporting with my money are not contributing to the dumping of trash into the ocean or paying kids $.50 a day to sew t-shirts, so some huge company can make 5 billion in profit rather than 3 billion in profit.

Clearly America is not perfect.  We pollute and damage the environment as well.  I believe we do it less than other places.  I live in California which in many people's opinion is over regulated, I feel those regulations help protect the oceans and people.

I am having a heck of a time  finding products made in the USA. I found a list which I have copied below that tells of a BUNCH OF companies that make things in the good 'ol USA.


Jeans & denim

Shoes & footwear

Beauty and personal care

Furniture, cookware and home

Handbags and accessories





The list was compiled in 2016 and it does not take into consideration the sale of American Apparel.

I was so excited when I found the following video (CLICK HERE) from Bella+Canvas I thought I found a replacement for American Apparel. These shirts are made in the USA and California!  But then when the shirts arrived the labels said Bangladesh and Nicaragua.....UGH! I contacted my printers and asked them how come and they referred me to the manufacturer to find out which t-shirts are made in the LA Factory. WHY DON'T THEY MAKE ALL OF THEM AT THE LA FACTORY? The do have a collection of made in the USA and I am trying to get my printers on the ball! Hopefully any day now!

At this point in time the printers I work with only sell one brand of shirt in which I am 100% positive are made in the USA and that is LA Apparel.  Again a brand I love!  Why?  Because it is run by the person who started American Apparel! Dov Charney, he is a total rebel and I love that about him.  

Everything I share is printed in the USA!  All the T-shirts I sell are made in the USA except for 2 at this time and I will be changing that very soon.  The two that are not made in the USA are the V-necked Mantra T and the Women's Bella+Canvas California T-shirt.

To purchase an American Made PoHuLocal-Winning Logo Women's T-shirt CLICK HERE

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Another one of my hopes as a Port Hueneme based business is to help the people of the City of Port Hueneme, that is why I have started my Free Resource Library.  I am currently filling it up with information I hope people here will find useful.  

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 Yippie Skippie!

I am too young to be considered the Viet Nam generation But I am part of the Cheech and Chong Generation and while I was writing this Blog Post I found this cool video which is really current to todays current events.. who knew when this video was made back in 1985?