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April 27, 2017



The Ego Eradicator Kundalini Yoga Meditation helps you to gain momentum and makes you feel amazing!!! It is great to do before anything important like a job interview or hot date!

I had NEVER heard of this until just the other day.  I want to know what it is all about.

The goal is to speak from your place of truth and not from your ego. This meditation is to accomplish that! 

 Yogi Bhajan describes Kundalini Yoga as the science of happiness. Happiness is a science?  I need to learn this science!

In all honesty I find this particular meditation very difficult.  The breath of fire is hard for me.I want to do it backwards..when I inhale I want to pull in my stomach but it correct to do just the opposite.

    A common mistake at this level is known as paradoxical breathing where people learn to breathe in reverse, having their belly expand with each exhale and contract with each inhale. People who smoke or are anxious tend to have this pattern, but it can be easily changed with awareness.
      I used to smoke...maybe that is my issue with the breathing....?

    Is anyone else out there on a path of meditation?  I was put on the path by reading Jen Sincero's Bad Ass book and I have not looked back! 

    The meditations that are really making me feel absolute joy lately I have been sent from Gabby Bernstein and I really do mean joy.  It may be the first time in my life that I have really experienced joy?? I have been using one of her suggestions ALL THE TIME NOW.  I silently wish people....lovely, joyful days as they cross my path, all day long I make little prayers or wishes for people as I pass them, either walking or driving...I have no idea if or how it effects them but it really puts me in a state of joy and love.  

    I have added some of her Meditations into the Free Resource Library to subscribe CLICK HERE.

    This next video really helps me get the breathing...not Breath of Breath of Fire is really quick.

    Right now this particular form of Kundalini is a bit to difficult for me I am going to stick to the easier least for now anyway.

    I have just added some simple meditations to the Free Resource Library.  Subscribe to be given Access!

    I am now meditating when I awake in the morning to start my day.  Then again before I go to bed.  IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!  I am really doing things differently now instead of repeating the same negative patterns over and over.  I am willing to see new perspectives and hear new information.


    Another way to add peace to your life is to be more organized!