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January 02, 2018

Will you take one tiny step?

Will you take one tiny step?

Welcome to De-Clutter 2018!

We will be taking one teeny tiny step each week/month to live more organized, cleaner happier lives!
Can You Take Tiny Steps?
Why don't we start with the entrance to our homes? Let's make our homes easy to come home to!  Set up something right near the front door, a tray, a shelf? 


 I wonder, what do you put in your coffee?

what do you put in your coffee?

Altogether, Americans drink 102 billion cups of coffee annually. That breaks down to 280.5 million cups per day.

Coffee Cream

In the United States, the light type of cream used for coffee is known as half and half. In the United Kingdom, it is called half cream.You can improve your coffee by adding real cream. This means organic and grass-fed. Cream like this can be purchased at all major health food stores, and will give you the health benefits of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). There is also usually a nice amount of vitamin K2 present in full-fat cream. This is important because adequate intake of vitamin K2 has been linked with lower rates of cancer and heart disease.

Non-Dairy Creamer

Also known as "coffee whitener," non-dairy creamer is a liquid or granular substance used in lieu of milk or cream in coffee. Although it does not contain lactose, many brands contain a milk-derived protein, so they are sometimes shunned by vegans.

To achieve a mouthfeel akin to that of coffee cream, non-dairy creamers often use vegetable-based fats.

Many non-dairy creamers are sweetened (often with corn syrup) and stabilized with various chemicals or processed. Some non-dairy creamers are flavored to taste like French vanilla and other popular coffee flavors. Almost as bad as artificial sweeteners, artificial creamers are packed with a wide array of things you don’t want to put in your body on a daily basis.

I put Swiss Miss Fat Free Hot Cocoa in my coffee for years but now I realize all the chemicals in it and the other creamers I have been using are not the greatest health wise.

Take one tiny step

So above you see what I am now trying in my coffee. I have used MANY MANY things in my coffee and in an effort to take the best care of my body that I can. I am trying Laird Hamilton's Super Food Cacao Creamer. After going thru the whole package f Cacao Creamer, I will say that it is ok. It is healthy for you but I did not LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT...... I went thru the package really rather quickly and it was not THE BEST CUP OF COFFEE I have ever had but it is good for me so I will probably purchase it again.


Coconut oil is said to give you a great energy boost without a sugar crash afterwords. I kind of like the superfood creamer so far. Today was my first day. I love my coffee in the morning. The more caffeine the more I enjoy it.

Spices are not just a great way to add flavor to coffee, but they can provide surprising health benefits:

  • Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar, helps improve LDL (bad) cholesterol and is a good source of vitamin K and iron.
  • Nutmeg is a very good source of manganese.
  • Cocoa powder is a good source of protein, potassium and zinc, and is also a very good source of dietary fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and manganese. However, it’s also high in saturated fat, so use it sparingly. And go for the unsweetened kind.
  • Cardamom is a good source of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, and it is also a very good source of dietary fiber, iron and manganese.

I want my coffee creamy and chocolatey. I have not tried spices in my coffee. Have you? Did you enjoy it? So I am back to just plain ol' Chocolate Soy Milk in my coffee. I do not have to order it online and I like the way it tastes. Yes, it has sugar in it......




Cleaning my Coffee Maker

One Tiny Step

The steps to clean a Keurig are pretty easy.

1.) Take it apart and clean it with soapy water

Take One Tiny Step

2.) Fill up water reservoir with half vinegar and half water.....make cups of hot water until reservoir is empty-----WAIT 30 MNUTES.

One Tiny Step

3.) Run through 2 reservoirs full of cups of hot water to remove all vinegar.

Do you have tips for cleaning a Keurig?  Comment and share them with me!