July 17, 2017

Robber Barons verus Conscious Entrepreneurs

Robber Barons verus Conscious Entrepreneurs

Andrew Carnegie was in his day the richest man in the world. Yet he was a man full of dichotomies. He honestly believed that rich people were more intelligent than poor people.  He wrote a whole book about how rich people were obligated to take care of the less intelligent poor people of the world.


Yet his steel company was the place of one of the most violent strikes in history.  One in which several people lost their life.  He was very tough on his employees.  They felt they had to fight so hard for their rights that they were willing to die.

When World War One began Andrew Carnegie went into what we would today diagnose as a Clinical Depression.  In the later part of his life he was focused only on ending wars and creating a peaceful planet.  Yet he benefitted from the largest government contract of the day.  He amassed a huge amount of wealth by building the Navy into a huge war machine.

Andrew Carnegie's steel mills dumped toxic waste into the air and dumped pollutants into the streams.



In other words he accumulated mass wealth on the back of his employees while destroying the beauty of the our planet. At the same time he donated millions of dollars to create a Palace of Peace and create beautiful libraries all over the world.

I have started a tiny tiny business nothing compared to Andrew Carnegie but I go to great lengths to research EVERYTHING I sell to make sure my footprint is benefitting all.  I go far out of my way to sell products produced in the United States like I have said many times not because I am pro American Labor Unions.  I do not want to encourage people to pay more for products that are inferior just because they are produced in the United States like the Auto Industry has done in the past.

I want people to buy products made in the United States because I do not want to contribute to the use of child labor to produce products cheaper to make larger profits.  I do not want to contribute to companies that pollute the environment by operating in places not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

I want my foot print to benefit everyone.  So my prices may be higher than some. My mission is to help change the world. I want to improve the economy of Port Hueneme while helping everyone in the chain of my production.  I am not willing to take advantage of anyone.

I have published the list below before but I think it deserves to be repeated.  It is a list of companies who produce their products in the United States.


Jeans & denim

Shoes & footwear

Beauty and personal care

Furniture, cookware and home

Handbags and accessories






I am really really proud to be selling bigger and better beach towels that are manufactured right here in the United States! Yes, they may be a little bit more pricey then the ones you can buy at Wall Mart.  The ones sold at Wall Mart are most likely made in China.  I really have nothing against China, I have never been there but I know that they take advantage of their Labor Pool people work long hours for low wages. I want to help the world move forward to a more enlightened way of producing.

1yearin business

I invite you to become part of my tribe!  Part of my community.  SUBSCRIBE SO YOU DO NOT MISS OUT ON ANY INFORMATION! I am planning a big celebration for being in business for 1 year! Join me on my mission to improve the economy of Port Hueneme!

July 10, 2017



Yesterday I received an email from the one and only T. Harv Eker. It seems tomorrow he is starting a "7-DAY NO COMPLAINING CHALLENGE".  Of course I singed up as I really need to stop complaining so much.  I have always justified my complaining by saying I was helping to fix the problems I perceived in my world.

According to T. Harv..."What you focus on expands".  So by complaining I am expanding all the things that bug me.  WHO KNEW?

I decided I would start the challenge early so I decided I would start yesterday.  OMG...I complain way too much, in fact I think I spent most of the morning complaining....on a beautiful Sunday no less.

So once again I have decided to give it a try and start today...again.  If at first you don't succeed try try again.  I seem to have heard that before.

If you would like to join T. Harv Eker's Official Challenge you can JOIN HERE. (No I am not an affiliate--I just want to stop complaining so much) 

I complain many times a day to my family, friends, co-workers, customer service representatives, and even strangers in the elevator. Turns out that when I complain, my body releases the stress hormone cortisol. ... One effect of cortisol, for example, is to raise my blood pressure and blood sugar so that you'll be prepared to either escape or defend yourself.

“A complaint is a request for help and when we ask for help, we ask nicely,” says Guy Winch, PhD and author of The Squeaky Wheel.  “This can be tricky because we are not motivated to be nice when we are most annoyed.”

So I am going to start over today and really take this challenge seriously because I want to get different results in my life so I need to start behaving differently.  

It's early Monday morning...a brand new day and I commit to NO COMPLAINING!

You are welcome to join me! Please share with me your comments and how it goes for you.

If you do wish to join T. Harv Eker's live Broadcasts each day and play along.

July 03, 2017

Can you add more time to your day?

Can you add more time to your day?

It is my own personal belief that being more organized can add more time to your day. What has helped me to become more organized and also more focused on achieving my goals is to have a ToDoList filled out each night as I go to bed with the things I need to get done the next day.  Along with my Daily To Do Sheet I use a 13 week Goal Calendar made by It helps me keep track of where I am with all my goals.

Do you watch TV?  Can you add more time to your day by NOT watching TV? I recently quit watching most of the TV I had been watching.  I have noticed though that I have replaced it with spending way more time on my computer.  I wonder if I have really accomplished anything by switching from TV to the computer?

I am told that the thing you hate to do the most is the thing you should put on your list to do first so YOU CAN GET IT DONE AND OVER WITH! Also Multi-tasking has become unfashionable lately. We humans just do not pay attention if we are doing too many things at one time. It is better to focus and get things done well and not have to do them over because you were really unfocused or distracted.

What we "DO" everyday is eventually what we become. I love the following quote:

"The only difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do"

Every night as you are planing you next day and making the next days list of ToDo's review what you did right and change what you did not like.

In an effort to help you become more organized and also achieve your goals I have created a FREE DAILY TO DO SHEET for you to download.  I hope it helps you!

June 26, 2017

I Love Port Hueneme! Again and Again and Again

I Love Port Hueneme!  Again and Again and Again

On the days I am lucky enough to have the time to take my morning walks I am instantly taken to my childhood camping trips to the beach with my family.  My parents always owned either a trailer or a motor home and one of their favorite destinations was the beach. I am so thankful that I now get to live so close that I get to visit these memories as often as possible.

This morning after I took this video I met a lovely neighbor who shared with me a picture she took of a whale also right near the pier just a couple days before.  I seem to keep missing all the whales this year.  My fishermen friends keep telling me they have been seeing many between 8 am and 12 pm while they are fishing. It seems a little late in the year for whales to still be passing by....I am so glad to see them though!

Whale in Port Hueneme

Here is another video I took of Dolphins in the Channel Islands Harbor.  This was taken on a Whale Watching trip. I always go Whale Watching out of Channel Islands Sport Fishing.


June 20, 2017

5 Mantras to Relieve Anxiety Instantly---Plus One Bonus Mantra

5 Mantras to Relieve Anxiety Instantly---Plus One Bonus Mantra

Do you ever worry?  Do you ever feel anxious?  Do you love parties?  Or do you hate them?

I am no longer a young person.  I have suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life. I dislike parties because of the anxiety I feel.  Who will I talk to?  Who will I sit with?  What will I say?

Last August I read Jen Sincero's Book, YOU ARE A BADASS.  One of the things the book inspired me to do was to begin meditating. Lately, I have experienced feelings of joy like I have never experienced before.  I have received guidance from God? The Universe?  Myself? Like I have never experienced before. I give meditation the credit.

In this Blog I am going to share with you my own personal Mantras that I now use to relieve my anxiety and bring joy into my day on a regular basis.

As I have said all ready, I am no longer a young girl and I have had MANY times of stress in my life.  I was raised a catholic and one of my first "Mantras" that I ever used and one that continues to bring me peace on sleepless nights is THE OUR FATHER.


Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil. 



Abundance Prayer



it's my time


The mantra: Sat Nam
Pronunciation: Saaaaaaaat* | Nam ||
*Sat is extended eight times longer than Nam. If you really want the mantra to radiate from the base of your spine to the center of your head, make the Sat 35 times longer than the Nam.
Truth is my name.

Used in the Kundalini Yoga practice, Sat Nam can be a way to find your intuition.

MANTRA NUMBER 5: I pray for you to have a blessed and glorious day.

I can't remember what Miracle Message I took this little prayer from but this mantra has truly brought joy into my life!  I simply say this to myself as I pass by people...walking or driving, at work, in the grocery store every where I go, all day every day.


The sound of the universe…the first sound.  It is said to be the sound of the Big Bang. The start of the universe.

If you like these Mantras and want to learn some beginning Meditations. I have created a FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY for my subscribers.

Or you can sign up to receive a free download to help you set up your own morning ritual meditation routine.